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Module Description Quote Remarks
ERP Sales/Finance/Accounts/SCM/MM/PP/MIS
35.0 L
Yearly for Enterprise User's
Distributor Management System
299 Upto 100 User's
199 >100 users (Monthly)
Sales Force Automation
399 Upto 100 User's
299 >100 users (Monthly)
Manufactring Unit
6.0 L
Yearly for Enterprise User's
TPU Module
Third Party Manufacturing Module
DSM & SFA both
399 (Monthly)

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1 million transaction per day

1 million customer sales recorded on ALTIS SOFT

1000+ customer benefited every month.

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The Best-in-Suite Approach. Best-in-suite is the strategy of selecting and using as many products you require, all from the same vendor. Altis Soft Provide Best Services.

100% Data Security

Gather and centralize privacy records across your organisation with assessment technology. Get started with OneTrust's powerful automation tools to streamline your privacy program.

24*7 Customer Support

24/7 support is a kind of support that is available throughout the day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This simply means that the technical service is available around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Altis Soft is India’s first, Sales & Distribution solution which is available in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati  etc

Yes, This is a offline app & all data can be entered without any Internet. 

Location tracking is done with GPS. App gets automatically synced whenever there is internet.

Yes, We provide Dedicated & On premise deployment on server of your choice.

We are hosted on AWS Cloud ( Amazon Web Services ) which is the most reliable, secured & fasted servers available. 

We do not deploy in local cloud/servers. 

We provide option for a dedicated deployment of server of your choice as well.

Yes, We provide White labeling on Web portal UI & Mobile App UI.

Please reach out to us for further details

No, Our pricing is without any Minimum user slab.

Pricing is pay per usage model without any hidden charges.