Distributor Management System

ALTIS SOFT DMS is collaborative sales, marketing, distribution and supply chain solutions across the downstream supply chain network Distributor to Retailer or Super Distributor to Sub Distributor which enables organisation to Inventory, Secondary Sales, Trade Scheme, Pricing & Coverage etc. This will ensure Distributor Delight with retailer purchase order management, Secondary sales stock management, Trade Promotions Management, Claims Management and Distributor Sales Force Automation.

Solutions Feature

  • Master Data Management
  • Maintain uniform master data and streamlined processes across the entire downstream supply chain
  • Distribution Network Automation
  • Automate every single activity of the distributor to maximize productivity and reduce operational costs while getting complete visibility of secondary sales & stock.
  • Inventory Management
  • Reduce out of stock situations, sales loss and holding costs and improve supply chain efficiency
  • Channel Management
  • Track channel performance, reach the right customers with the right products and empower the business to meet the needs of the customers
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Control inventory replenishment, enable flexibility in purchase order management to better address market demand